Compute Automation & Orchestration

Compute Automation & Orchestration

Maaz Technologies experts have experience in workflow automation using tools such as Cisco Intersight to create optimised workflows for computing environments. Our specialists work with our clients to customise automation tasks using templates provided by platforms.

We can offer a range of expertise across a number ofautomation and orchestration platforms including:

Intersight Web APIs

Cisco Intersight Orchestrator – ICO permits workflow designers to execute web API requests using Web API Request tasks in workflows. These APIs execute on external targets which are not managed by the Cisco Intersight platform. In Cisco Intersight, there are many predefined and reusable tasks to create workflows to automate customers’ day-2 operational activities. However, if the predefined workflow is not sufficient then a developer can create custom tasks to automate operational activities.

Intersight Cloud Orchestrator (ICO)

Cisco Intersight Cloud Orchestrator – ICO is API-driven and DevOps enabled. ICO can prepare policy-based automation that can deploy from the SaaS portal to any data center location across the globe. Maaz Technologies can create tasks and customise workflows that are pre-defined in Intersight Cloud Orchestration portal to meet the needs of your business.


Terraform is an open-source Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) software tool. It can create infrastructure on different platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP etc. Terraform has the capability to store the current state and can seamlessly move to the target state with few configurational changes optimised by the experts at Maaz Technologies.