Salesforce AppExchange Partner

Salesforce AppExchange Partner

AppExchange is a salesforce’s cloud computing marketplace solution through which users can access, download and install software/apps, components, and consulting services. To make your system and solution publicly available to customers, you have to be a Salesforce AppExchange Partner. The power behind each AppExchange solution is a trusted Salesforce AppExchange Partner like Maaz Technologies.

Salesforce Partner

AppExchange gives partners a place to create and publish extensions to Salesforce. Maaz Technologies is an authorised Salesforce AppExchange Partner that provides innovation that can improve a business process, such as a custom object, custom tab, or components. We share our customisations with other Salesforce users and partners as a packaged AppExchange solution.

Our Expertise

Maaz Technologies is an authorised AppExchange Partner company that develops and markets free or paid applications on the AppExchange. Salesforce customers can browse our solutions published on AppExchange and choose which solutions best support their objectives.