Enterprise Network Infrastructure

Enterprise Network Infrastructure

The networking entities act as an organization’s pillars. It enables users and systems to connect from different network nodes such as LAN, over WAN, or cloud. However, this requires advanced and capable switching and routing devices to transfer business-critical data between servers, applications, end-users, and many more.

By onboarding appropriate network solutions, organizations can emphasize more customers’ requirements, day-2 operational tasks executions and support, procedures, and processes. As a result, they can achieve high productivity and uptime, increased efficiency through continuous collaboration, controlled access to the company’s resources, optimized user experience, cloud integration, improved security plan and design, and more.


An enterprise network consists of:


  • Endpoints (user machine (desktop/laptop, mobile devices, servers).
  • Network devices (routers, switches, wireless).
  • Networking protocols (VLAN, STP, Static, OSPF, SNMP, NTP etc..).
  • Data Center Serverfarm – Port-channel, vPC, vDC, trunk etc.
  • Local Area Networks (LANs) – Ethernet, Fibre.
  • Wide Area Networks (WANs) – MPLS, Internet, Dark-Fibre, LTE, etc.


Maaz Technologies professionals use the following Cisco tools to protect your business from evolving threats. As Cisco Solution Partners, we are trusted specialists in supporting and deploying the following Cisco products:


  • Cisco Catalyst Switches:
    To provide Layer-2 and Layer-3 connectivity to End Users or any other devices in the branch or the campus network.


  • Cisco Wireless Solution:
    Wireless LAN Controller and Access Points – To provide End Users and other devices layer-2 connectivity in the Branch or the campus network.


  • Cisco ISR and ASR Family router:
    To provide Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity using multiple technologies, like; MPLS, Internet, L2/L3 point-to-point links, and so on.


  • Cisco Data Center Switches:
    Nexus Family – To provide Data Center serverfarm compute or storage nodes redundant connectivity, called vpc design.

What do we do?

Maaz Technologies provides an expert level of consultancy and support to their customer who wants to improve their design architecture and scalability. We provide an end-to-end migration strategy and risk assessment from legacy to the new switching fabric infrastructure using the best possible scenarios