Cisco ACI

Cisco ACI

In the world of software-defined networking (SDN), Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is one of the most comprehensive and mature platforms designed for data center switching networks. The power of physical and logical construct creation in the Cisco ACI  solution enables network policies – simplification, optimization, and acceleration of the network-centric and application-centric deployment lifecycle to meet the organization’s requirement scale-in and scale-out.


There are many deployment modes of Cisco ACI Fabric for both Enterprise Network Infrastructure and Service Provider Networks.

Cisco ACI Data Center Solution has become the adoptive SDN solution for customers around the globe. The main attractive value of Cisco ACI Solution is:

  • Flexibility
  • Visibility
  • Manages Virtual, Physical, and Container environments


If we look into the Cisco ACI architecture, it is a combination of three components:


  • Spine
  • Leaf
  • APIC Controller


Each component is essential and plays a major role to build a Fabric.

Our Expertise

Maaz Technologies has many deployments and migration experiences with many enterprise customers for their brown-field and green-field environment. Each customer has different deployment modes as per their business requirements. Like; Single Pod, multi-pod, multisite, and so on. Our honored that we have the experience to work in all these environments for our customers.