Internet Security (Incoming/Outbound traffic, and Published Services)

The growth in remote working, distributed locations across multiple devices means businesses need to effectively protect users everywhere in minutes. Maaz Technologies delivers a wealth of Cyber Security expertise, enabling our clients to create a robust first line of defence. We can design, build and deploy flexible cloud-delivered security that combines multiple security functions in a single solution.

How we do it?

Following are the common tools and techniques offered by Maaz Technologies Professionals at internet segment to protect from any malicious attacks or compromises.

Cisco Umbrella

The first internet gateway with security along with Cisco Umbrella. We have number of deployment experience of this solution to secure internet gateway. It can integrate with AD to apply group level policies and controls on the corporate users.

Cisco Email Security Gateway

Protect corporate’s mission critical service from unwanted or rouge emails. Our experts has experienced for the designing and deployment of Cisco’s email gateway solution.

Cisco Web Security Gateway

One essence of web security at on-prem is WSA. Our experts has many deployment use cases in small medium and large enterprise network infrastucture in both proxy or transparent mode.

Cisco Duo

Expertise in planning, designing, implementation and migration services for Cisco multi-factor authentication solution for end users.

Cisco Next-Generation Firewall

Expertise in planning, designing, implementation and migration services to connect Cisco Next Generation Firewall solution within Data Center locations. Provides L4 – L7 visibility and control and policy enforcement. The Security policies can be applied at single ip address level while communicating within or outside from data center.

Cisco Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System

Expertise in planning, designing, implementation and migration services for Cisco Next Generation Intrusion Prevention services, value added for NGFW deployed in Data Center. It provide deep packet inspection to read behavior analysis, suspicious activities by using machine learning and AI based algorithms.

Cisco Anyconnect (VPN)

Remote Access control by using Cisco AnyConnect solution which help to provide corporate users to access their organization’s network from anywhere.

Security Monitoring Tools:

We know how to create resilience through visibility and intelligence. Monitoring threats, assessing and preventing security events, Maaz Technologies offers the following integrations from Cisco Security Products:

Cisco Firewall Management Center

The centralized management center for Cisco NGFW to push policy, configuration, and firmware upgrade activities using a single of pane.

Cisco SecureX platform (SaaS)

A SaaS based platform to have capabilities to integrate all Cisco’s Security devices and also third-party security devices using REST APIs to corelate the incidents and also have capability to push the required actions (as per provided APIs by Principals).