Hyperconverged Network Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Network Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Network Infrastructure relies on a special-purpose type of software called a hypervisor. Virtualized computing, software-defined storage, and virtualized networking work on the top of the hypervisor.

The hypervisor usually runs on standard server nodes to build clusters for creating pools of shared computing and storage resources.

Cisco provides a more powerful, high-speed, and scalable HyperConverged Infrastructure solution. HCI streamlines a single point of management and administration. HCI effectively integrates with the customer’s data center and excludes the requirement of separate servers and network storage.

Cisco HyperFlex systems combine:

  • Software-defined computing uses Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) servers
  • Software-defined storage uses Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform software
  • Software-defined networking uses Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Cisco ACI
  • Cloud-based management uses Cisco Intersight Saas / on-prem based platform

Our Expertise

Maaz Technologies have several use cases where our professionals engaged with their beloved customers to provide hyperconverged computing infrastructure designing, implementation, and migration support. By using the beauty of Cisco HX Infrastructure stateless computing, we focused to provide more resiliency, scalability, and a hybrid cloud model deployment model.