Cisco AppDynamics

Cisco AppDynamics

Cisco AppDynamics is an application performance monitoring and management solution designed to help organizations gain deep insights into the performance of their applications and IT infrastructure. AppDynamics was acquired by Cisco in 2017 and is part of Cisco’s portfolio of networking and cloud solutions.

Cisco AppDynamics is an application performance monitoring tool mostly used in Data Centers and Cloud Applications. AppDynamics offers APM capabilities to monitor the performance of applications in real-time. It provides visibility into application code, infrastructure, and user experience, helping organizations quickly identify and diagnose performance bottlenecks and issues. APM allows for proactive troubleshooting, reducing downtime and improving end-user satisfaction.

Maaz Technologies’ experienced team helps customers to increase their applications flow visibility and correlate application performance and insights timely and effectively using Cisco AppDynamic.

Cisco AppDynamics works for various types of application visibility and performance monitoring

  • Microsoft Azure platforms
  • UCCE monitoring
  • AWS monitoring and migration discovery
  • SAP monitoring
  • Docker and Kubernetes based micro applications