Network Automation & Orchestration

Network Automation & Orchestration

The Network infrastructure owns the connectivity of multiple mission-critical segments of your organisation. It provides the pathway to deliver services and business transactions.

Cisco ACI is a step towards a software-defined networking world to build up-to-date network infrastructures. Designed with powerful and robust REST API and SDKs, Cisco ACI can be integrated with Ansible and Terraform providers to automate services and functions.

Our Focus & Expertise:

By using REST APIs, we can support our customers to leverage the use of any programming language to interact with ACI APIs. We can send JSON or XML configuration to the ACI controller to execute the script and visualise the output/configuration at GUI.

Ansible version 2.4.0 or higher is mostly supported with modules that can be used in Cisco ACI to automate user-defined tasks through playbooks containing a grouping of plays or configuration management and deployment. Our experienced consultants can work with you to manage the best outcomes and tailor these to your business.

Terraform is a great IaC platform to automate or orchestrate tasks in Cisco ACI while maintaining configuration states. Using Terraform ACI, our specialists can support customers to meet network compliance requirements.