Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing continues to increase in both demand and complexity as the need to provide scalable solutions, optimised for remote working, grows. The range of solutions open to organisations as they look to move beyond on-prem can be complex with single-source cloud solutions often the least favoured. Maaz Technologies supports organisations moving toward multi or hybrid cloud solutions, wherever they may be in their journey.

Maaz Technologies specialises in defining, implementing and optimising hybrid cloud solutions. Hybrid cloud infrastructures offer many benefits, they also introduce complexity. Managing internal and external clouds often creates the need for architects to continuously handle, control and manage millions of pieces of data from several different lines of business.

Recent statistics suggested that cloud adoption is at about 68% for most organisations who have started on their cloud journeys. Maaz Technologies offers hybrid cloud computing automation which delivers significant benefits in terms of time, expenditure, reliability and security.

Our Focus

On-prem we deliver extensive services across Cisco Intersight, enabling our clients to simplify and automate many activities, enabling us to deliver exceptional result results to our clients who:


  • Simplify infrastructure management
  • Automate configurations for data centres
  • Save time with integrated support
  • Increase security with embedded compliance
  • Greater business efficiency and productivity
  • Enhanced services supporting greater customer satisfaction

Our expertise on the following public and private cloud platform such as:


  • Cisco UCS, UCS-X and Hyperflex infrastructure
  • AWS cloud, Azure cloud, and Google Cloud platforms


These are our focused area for cloud computing