Data Center Security

Data Center Security (Serverfarm, Application Zone, DB Zone and DMZ)

Defends against threats and safeguards the most vital aspects of your business, and your Data Centers. We enable our clients to build resilient and effective protection against a range of threats.

Our Expertise

Maaz Technologies has experience in building customised security, protecting our clients from perimeter to core.

We deliver expertise in implementing network security policies, inspection, security intelligence, cloud sync (AMP), and delivering security to support your business and technical requirements. Using the following Cisco Security Portfolio, our SMEs design and implement network security policies. Experts in Cisco we optimise the following tools for your protection.

Cisco Next-Generation Firewall

Expertise in planning, designing, implementation and migration services to connect Cisco Next Generation Firewall solution within Data Center locations. Provides L4 – L7 visibility and control and policy enforcement. The Security policies can be applied at single ip address level while communicating within or outside from data center.

Cisco Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System

Expertise in planning, designing, implementation and migration services for Cisco Next Generation Intrusion Prevention services, value added for NGFW deployed in Data Center. It provide deep packet inspection to read behavior analysis, suspicious activities by using machine learning and AI based algorithms.

Cisco Firewall Management Center

The centralized management center for Cisco NGFW to push policy, configuration and firmware upgrade activities using single of pane.

Cisco Identity Services Engine

Expertise in planning, designing, implementation and migration services. Cisco Network Admission Control solution works for different types of users, guest portal for guests for unified policy creation and enforcement. Also network devices-controlled access, authentication, authorization and accounting functions.

Cisco Stealthwatch Solution

Expertise in planning, designing, implementation, documentation and testing services for Cisco Stealthwatch solution to provide visibility and control of workload and network device connected in corporate network.