Network Assessment

Network Assessment

A network assessment is a process and procedure to perform a deep gap analysis of existing network infrastructure. A comprehensive understanding of the current network’s physical and logical infrastructure. Recommend industries’ best practices and improvements from high availability, security, scalability, integrity, or considering any other factor perspective which may require by the customer to fulfill their business goals.

The main achievement of network assessment activity for the customer are as follows:


  • Identify – Understand the design and technologies deployed in the existing infrastructure.
  • Validate – Test the value of the current network and endpoint in contrast to industry and internal standards.
  • Manage – Fill the identified gaps found during network assessment to improve services and business uptime.
  • Next Step – Perform the change implementation and remediations.

What do we do?

Maaz Technologies professionals have vast experience to perform network assessments for large and small medium Enterprise Network Infrastructure. The overall outcome of the network assessment is to identify the gap analysis in current infrastructure and recommend industries’ best practices and some more specific design for the customer to meet the business and technical requirements.