Salesforce CRM Integration With Cisco Contact Center

Salesforce CRM Integration with Cisco Contact Center

Salesforce provides and accommodates options for integrating with other systems. Salesforce integration is the process of merging the data and functionality enabling you to provide your team with an ideal mix of features to maximise performance.

Our Salesforce CRM Integration with Cisco Contact Center connector enables seamless integration of Cisco Contact Center into Salesforce CRM enabling agents to serve customers with ease. Agents get to know their customers even before they answer the call saving precious time and enhancing the overall experience.

Maaz Technologies Salesforce CTI Connector

Bridging the gap between Cisco Contact Center and Salesforce, Maaz Technologies connector empowers agents to deliver customers the service they deserve through simple yet powerful UI, embedded directly into Salesforce CRM.

Our Expert developers have sound knowledge and great experience in Salesforce CRM Integration with Cisco Contact Center. Our integration with Salesforce CRM allows contact center agents to access Salesforce CRM right from the Cisco Finesse agent desktop. Agents can create new contacts, check contact details, view previous activities related to the contact, and create new activities without leaving the Finesse desktop agent. Agents can search for leads, customers and accounts from Salesforce just by typing in the name. They can call their customers from the Finesse CRM directory directly with just one click. Contact Maaz Technologies to explore these customisable solutions!


Cisco UCCX 11.x and above, Cisco UCCE and Cisco PCCE 11.x and above

Video of Maaz Technologies Saleforce CRM integration

CTI toolbar kit – Integration of Cisco Finesse agent call controls with any customer CRM.

Provides the capability to integrate with any CRM for call control capabilities, which includes call transfer/conference; both agent and supervisor can work within customer CRM interface with functional Agent Desktop.