At Maaz Technologies, we specialize in DevOps solutions that break down silos between development and operations teams, enabling businesses to deliver high-quality software faster, reliably, and consistently.

Maaz Technologies has a unique DevOps methodology that has been proven in many use cases and across many enterprises, as well as a comprehensive end-to-end orchestration approach.

Our team is trained on the stack, including DevOps tools like Kubernetes, Dockers, Terraform Automation and more. We have professional team members certified in the container-to-cloud technologies.

How we do it?

Maaz Technologies helps organisations so that they can maximise their productivity and performance while reducing the time between design/development and deployment. The following are the most common tools, used by our experts to deliver results to your business:

  • AWS
  • Terraform
  • Dockers
  • kubernetes
  • TeamCity
  • Ansible
  • Puppet