Dynamics 365 SmartConnect For AWS Connect Contact Centre

Maaz Technologies SmartConnect works with Native Omnichannel of Dynamics 365 along-with CTI capabilities of AWS Connect. Dynamics 365 SmartConnect CTI for AWS Connect Contact Center is a smart solution that seamlessly connects Dynamics 365 Customer Service CRM with AWS Connect Contact Centre in the most incredible way possible. It unifies agents’ experience into a single user interface. The agents can select from which one to receive requests either calls through CTI or chats through Dynamics 365 Omnichannel.

Maaz Technologies works completely with Dynamics 365 to integrate unique capabilities that enable companies to increase productivity, enhance customer experience and make better decisions to grow companies to new heights.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Maaz Technologies’ SmartConnect solution has an state-of-the-art interface where agents can handle voice, email and all omni-channel interactions seamlessly within Dynamics, eliminating the need of using multiple applications.

2. OneClick instant call, automatic call logging and dynamic customer search makes the solution easy to use and more effective.

3. Smooth call transfers and conference call is also available with other agents

4. Have the ability to immediately recognize inbound/outbound callers, reduces average handle time (AHT).

5. Make call handling process efficient by identifying callers, displaying their information in automatic screen pops and route them to right agents

6. Matching callers instantly with existing records and searching them when required dynamically

7. SmartConnect comes with a detailed Power-B-I dashboard, that gives 360- degree insights into customer interactions with chatbot, and agents through visualizations.

8. Administrators can view the metrics and analytics which are extremely valuable for companies in driving business sales revenue.

9. Omni-channel support includes: voice, chat, email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Mobile and WhatsApp

Automatic Call Logging

The incoming user is Automatically identified and is highlighted to the agent with all the previous details of Customer.

When a new customer comes into CRM, it is also identified to the agent as a new prospect and is automatically logged into CRM as a new potential business lead.

Click to Dial

Agents can search and click to dial any user directly from CRM and they can also dial and search any customer directly from Maaz SmartConnect console.

A single click on a phone number in CRM is all that is needed by agent to place a call.

Call Wrap-up and Call Closure notes

Once the call gets ended, agents can select the single or multiple wrap-up reasons for actions against the call. These notes are automatically saved into Dynamics 365 CRM against the selected contact.

Sentiment Analysis Dashboard

Sentiment Analysis shows the sentiment of each customer, it shows the user Avg. Sentiment pulse of the customer, Sentiment zones, and Sentiment prediction. It helps the organization to accurately gauge the feedback and sentiments of customers about its products and services.