Dynamics 365 SmartConnect For Cisco Contact Centre

Interactive High-Performance Maaz Technologies Dynamics 365 SmartConnect for Cisco Contact Centre | CTI, Omni-Channel, IVR, ACD

Dynamics 365 SmartConnect for Cisco Contact Centre is a solution that seamlessly connects Dynamics 365 Customer Service CRM with Cisco Contact Centre in the most incredible way possible. It unifies agents’ experience into a single user interface making customer interactions efficient and thus, resulting in higher revenues.


-Maaz SmartConnect solution has an instinctual interface where agents can handle voice, case, email and all omni-channel interactions seamlessly within Dynamics, eliminating the need of using multiple applications and thereby increasing teams’ efficiency.

-Helps in improving customer experience as it immediately recognizes inbound/outbound callers, reduces average handle time (AHT), streamlines case management and also optimizes caller routing so that each customer is put in touch with the right agent every single time.

-Increases productivity by intelligently switching between omni-channels and cisco connector. Few other features that are worth mentioning are: OneClick to call instantly, automatic call logging, dynamic customer search, call transfer support and custom cases support.


Maaz SmartConnect is powerful connector which streamlines contact handling by unifying all contact channels for the agents. This in turn makes the entire process incredibly efficient as the agent spends less time in switching between applications and can focus more on providing resolution to customers.

Maaz Technologies works closely with Dynamics 365 CRM to integrate all capabilities as soon as they’re available enabling companies to increase productivity, enhance customer experience and make better decisions to grow companies to new heights and achieve unthinkable.


  • Replace screen switching with instinctual interface
  • Make call handling process efficient by identifying callers, displaying their information in automatic screen pops and route them to right agents
  • Matching callers instantly with existing records and searching them when required dynamically
  • OneClick solution for agents to call a phone number by a single click once connected to CRM
  • Get CUIC reporting of all agents’ activity which is automatically saved into CRM
  • Smooth call transfers and conference call is also available with other agents
  • channel support includes: voice, chat, email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Line and WhatsApp


  • SmartConnect supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cisco integration with UCCX version 11.x and above
  • SmartConnect supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cisco integration with UCCE and PCCE version 11.x and above


  • Automatic Call Logging
  • Click To Dial
  • Complete Telephony Functions
  • Agent State Control
  • Call Wrap-up Reasons
  • Call Transfer/Conference
  • Team Visibility
  • Supervisor Controls
  • Omnichannel Integration

Automatic Call Logging

The incoming user is Automatically identified and is highlighted to the agent with all the previous details of Customer.

When a new customer comes into CRM, it is also identified to the agent as a new prospect and is automatically logged into CRM as a new potential business lead.

Click to Dial

Agents can search and click to dial any user directly from CRM and they can also dial and search any customer directly from Maaz SmartConnect console.

A single click on a phone number in CRM is all that is needed by agent to place a call.

Complete Telephony Functions

Complete suite of telephony functions in the Maaz SmartConnect console, including call dialing, Music on hold, Direct Call Transfer, consult Transfer, Call Conference, Team agent and supervisor status, direct dial-out to team agents and supervisor.

Agent State Control

Agents can change their state to ready, not ready or any other state directly from Maaz SmartConnect console.

Call Wrap-up Reasons

Once the call gets ended, agents can select the single or multiple wrap-up reasons for actions against the call.

Call Transfer/Conference

Agents can transfer an incoming customer call to any other agent, supervisor or any other contact. Both consult transfer and direct transfer methods are supported. Agents can also do call conference with incoming customer with other agents, supervisors and any other contact.

Team Visibility

Agents can directly see the availability of other agents or supervisors so that they can hook them for any help and support.

Supervisor Controls

Maaz SmartConnect intelligently identifies between agent and supervisor, and when supervisor logs into the console, it details additional team control features like changing the states of agents, silent monitoring, barge etc.

Omni Channel Capabilities

Maaz Technologies Smart Connect works with Native Omnichannel of Dynamics 365 along-with CTI capabilities of Cisco. The agents can select from which one to receive requests either calls through CTI or chats through Dynamics 365 Omnichannel.