Enterprise Network and Security

Enterprise Network and Security

An enterprise network and security consist of a combination of physical and logical networking components and protocols that function for the motivation of connecting all end users and systems on a local area network (LAN) to applications in the data center and the cloud as well as to data and services.

Network Infrastructure Services

The principle of security and networking helps to empower networking control and visibility to make absolute decisions on policy and compromises.


With the Cisco Networking components, we have the leverage to integrate Cisco security solutions to create zero-trust architecture and also improve alerts and events notifications.


The ultimate achievement of an organization’s objectives by consistently providing a network that is more reliable, scalable, secure, and agile to meet the customer’s business and technical requirements

What do we do?

Maaz Technologies experts analyze and execute multiple assessments to optimize our customer’s network and security infrastructure. Our professional team helps you identify and adopt the best approaches, edge-to-core, and building solutions to meet both technical and business needs.


We focus on continuous improvement which can be seen below:

Focus area of Enterprise Network


An extensive network and security assessment and analysis delivering and reporting a deep dive into the current network infrastructure


Using our proposed, agreed-upon solution, our professionals prepare high-level and low-level design documents which meet all technical and business requirements


Working closely with your organisation, Maaz Technologies provides end-to-end implementation. You will be guided by our specialists - whose consultative background enables them to identify risks and issues - to maximise the speed and quality of delivery.


After completion of the entire implementation, we work with you to optimise the outcome, consulting with your business to ensure a robust and effective solution.


After successful implementation, Maaz Technologies brings the operations and support team on board to resolve real-time integration and application performance issues. Delivering a combination of specialist support and customised training solutions.