Intelligent Communications Manager For Salesforce Omnichannel

Organization Challenges

Intelligent communication manager efficiently handles all customer requests through Google Dialog flow or (any chatbot like Microsoft, IBM Watson Etc.) and seamlessly connects them to the live agent, improving customer satisfaction, reducing average handle time and increasing productivity.

ICM is an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for multiple teams for each chat channel, for customers from multiple platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, email, Twitter and Web to a single platform.

Salesforce OmniChannel feature allows businesses to route work items (such as cases, leads, and chats) to the right agent based on their skills and availability. This feature can be configured to handle various communication channels, creating a form of omnichannel experience.

ICM bridges these requirements between organization and customer through consistent omnichannel experience across many different chat communication channels.

ICM is an AI hybrid chat solution provides contact centers a consistent Omni-channel customer experience for organizations using Salesforce

Advanced Intelligent chat routing and Queuing Capabilities

ICM provides advanced chat and routing capabilities based on parameters defined by the organization. ICM recognizes customer identification from on chat arrival and correlates previous chat events in CRM for reporting. Live agents can handle multiple conversations simultaneously and transfer images to and from the customer, including the customer’s camera on his/her Mobile Phone.

Demonstration of Maaz Technologies ICM For Salesforce