Intelligent Communications Manager ICM for Microsoft – AI Hybrid Chat

The Challenge

The art of customer service is evolving with the growth of communication channels. Customer experience is built on the customer journey. Intelligent Communication Manager (ICM) bridges these requirement gaps between organisation and customer through consistent omnichannel experience across many different chat communication channels.

ICM AI hybrid chat provides contact centres a consistent Omnichannel customer experience for organisations using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365

ICM is an all-in-one solution, designed to bring instant, optimised communication across multiple chat channels including (WhatsApp, Facebook, Webchat, Twitter, Mobile App, email, SMS etc.) eliminating the need for multiple teams for each chat channel.


ICM efficiently handles all customer requests intelligently through Microsoft chatbot (Power Virtual agents) and seamlessly connects your customer to the live agent, improving customer satisfaction, reducing average handle time and increasing productivity.

Simple, Intuitive and Steady - with Intelligent chatbot capabilities

Maaz Technologies enables you to configure ICM to offer the best results to your business and customers, ensuring quick responses through trained Microsoft Virtual agents (chatbots). The chatbot is trained and integrated with customer database and product catalogue for faster customer interaction thus offering extensive self-service capability.

Advanced Intelligent chat routing and Queuing Capabilities

ICM can provide advanced chat and routing capabilities based on parameters defined by the organisation. Our experts can ensure the optimised path for ICM.

Conversation with Customers from different chat channels

Video of Maaz Technologies Intelligent Communication Manager for Microsoft dynamics 365

Artificial Intelligent Enabled Response

ICM solution uses AI-driven Natural Language Processing (NLP) to respond to Customers, with support of up to 40 languages, and real-time detection of customer sentiment, identifying any negative customer feedback, improving customer experience, and eventually increasing sales revenue.

Visualization and Analytics

Intelligent Communication Manager comes with a detailed Power-BI dashboard that gives 360-degree insights into customer interactions with chatbot, and agents through visualisations. Administrators and Supervisors can view the metrics and analytics. These analytics are extremely valuable, implemented by the expert at Maaz  Technologies; they enable you to drive sales revenue and understand customer response to your core products and features.

Visualization and Analytics

Conversational Dashboard

Conversational dashboards enable you to monitor the performance of your business. With the support of Maaz Technologies professionals, this graphic user interface helps interpret customer data more accurately.

Conversations Engaged

Channel Dashboard

Channel Dashboards visualise all the incoming conversations through different channels. enabling you to monitor the traffic of each social channel

Agent Dashboard

Agent dashboards enable supervisors to observe the performance of the agents providing accessible insight to improve customer interaction

Bot Dashboard

Dashboard with bot visualization assists you to improve your bot performance and responses

Queue Dashboard

Queue dashboards display the number of customers coming from different Queues

Sentiment Analysis Dashboard

Sentiment analysis shows the sentiment of each customer, helping you accurately gauge the feedback and sentiments of customers about its products and services

Agent Analytics


ICM for Microsoft is a packaged solution that incorporates Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Power Virtual Agent and Microsoft Power-B-I for reporting and analytics. ICM is a simple, natively built omnichannel chat solution that extends the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM supporting instant, convenient, multiple channels for communicating with customers. The packaged solution, supported by the expertise of Maaz Technologies, is effortless to deploy, connect and integrate with different customer chat channels


  • Power Virtual Agents (chatbots):
    Human-like natural conversations; understand the context of the chat to have human-like interactions with the customer.


  • Omni-channel Availability:
    Deployment-ready for channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, twitter, SMS, Web etc.


  • Multi-lingual:
    Understands and converses with users in 40+ languages globally.


  • Visualization and Analytics:
    Detailed analytics of the solution with several dashboards including channel breakdown, sentiment analysis, agent response, bot conversation rate, queue details etc.


  • Intelligent chat routing: Recognises customer identification from on-chat arrival and correlates previous chat events for the same customer in CRM for reporting.