Network Outsourcing

Network Outsourcing Services

Maaz Technologies is able to manage, enhance, maintain and support prem or core network framework. Outsourcing your network to Maaz Technologies enable our experts to enhance efficiency, cuts cost and speeds up product development.

Network Outsourcing Services
Maaz Technologies offers the following Network Outsourcing services
  • Core Routing and Switching:
    A Core handle has layer 3 capabilities and for some reason routing of packets like Routers within VLANs in a campus LAN. The routing capability of the central handle is hardware base (best) while that of the router is IOS based.


  • Campus LAN Routing and Switching:
    LAN change is a form of container changing used in Local Area Networks. LAN changing is accomplished using hardware at the Data Link row. Since LAN changing is hardware-based, it utilizes MAC directions, which are utilized by LAN hold to beyond setting.


  • Wireless Network Infrastructure:
    Infrastructure wireless network is the wireless network that section wireless router/access point and authorizes other computers to connect to it wirelessly. This is the common exemption to build a home wireless network.


  • Branch Network installation and Monitoring:
    Branch networking establishment to the constituent that used to operate information to from and among faraway sites, stores, branch offices, and data centers. Multi-site companies of all sizes, school systems, distributors and other give out organizations of all kinds are operating branch networks.


  • WAN Monitoring and Reporting:
    A Wide Area Network (WAN) performance monitor is a system for assessing and remarking the producing of a WAN.



  • Data Center Routing/Switching, virtualization and Security:
    Current data centers are very unlike than they were just a short time ago. Infrastructure has conveyed from traditional on-establishment physical servers to virtual networks that support, implore and function across pools of physical infrastructure and into a multi cloud sphere.


  • Internet/B2B Security and Policies:
    The principal collateral technologies that business-to-business companies are utilizing today (in descending order) are passwords, virus spotting software, firewalls, security administration software, trust in Web servers, security monitoring tools and encryption.


  • Collaboration Solution:
    A collaboration solution is a software that regulates communication and collaboration on an enterprise scale.